Lord Nelson Blog http://www.sailafrica.org/index.php/lord-nelson-blog Thu, 28 Nov 2013 08:32:14 +0000 Joomla! 1.7 - Open Source Content Management Saturday 06 April http://www.sailafrica.org/index.php/lord-nelson-blog/80-saturday-06-april http://www.sailafrica.org/index.php/lord-nelson-blog/80-saturday-06-april Im still having alot of fun onboard, Iv been busy - learning what could learn and teaching whatever i could teach- we are due to arrive at Sri Lanka on the 08/04/2013 @ 12h00, after crossing the equato on the 04/04/2013 @ 23h19 , we rang the bell after the count down.

The next Morning we had a ceremony, Captain Barbra acted as King Neptunes and Jon the 1st mate as neptunes queen. we also had the Royal barber, Royal Surgeon, Royal Clerk, the parate captiann and constables, and offcourse they were dressed in the appropriate clothing.

All the pollywoggles paid for crossing the line without Neptune permision and were promoted to being Shellbacks. i ended up being shaved on my 1 leg. Every pollywoggle was fed medicine (wine mixed with tobasco source and other nasty stuff from the gally, later we were made tho kiss a fresh dead fish. alot more was and we all enjoyed it.

im loving the boat more and more as my days on it decrease very quickly, I wish i could carry on sailing from Cochin to singapore but reality is i have to come back to Durban soon and sort out my future.

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Friday 05 April http://www.sailafrica.org/index.php/lord-nelson-blog/79-fri-05-april http://www.sailafrica.org/index.php/lord-nelson-blog/79-fri-05-april There has been plenty of rain (PLENTY) and we are all dripping. As we near the equator the rain is relentless. Tomorrow we have a crossing the equator ceremony (curious to the English)

Here follows:
Today at approximately 1000 local the STS Lord Nelson was taken over by King Neptune and his court, the permanent crew were disabled and locked in the galley store and King Neptune held court on the stern platform weighing judgment upon the pollywoggles he found aboard that had had the effrontery to dare to cross the equator without paying homage to him and his queen. The court comprised of King Neptune and his Queen (Captain Barbara & mate John), the royal barber (Garry), the royal surgeon (Steve MP), the clerk of the court (Lesley 2nd Mate), the pirate captain (Cookie Dave) , the rain man (Mislav), and the Chief of police and his constables (Alan C/Eng, Mr Chipp’s, Pauline and Lucy)..

Many were brought before the court for the crime of crossing the line without permission and various other misdemeanors ranging from:

• Putting the ship ABACK and for having a blank bar bill
• Head butting the captains hand …Twice.. While she was holding and egg and for stealing Neptune’s water and hiding it in her phone
• Wearing Jesus sandals and failing to get Aft Deckhouse painted in time for Neptune’s arrival...
• To simply: being a Geordie
• All were found to be guilty and paid their penance as was appropriate...
Now the ship sails gently onwards further into the Northern Hemisphere the first time she has been back north since crossing southwards on the 22nd November Last year.

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Lord Nelson Blog http://www.sailafrica.org/index.php/lord-nelson-blog/78-lord-nelson-blog http://www.sailafrica.org/index.php/lord-nelson-blog/78-lord-nelson-blog Please see below for blog no1 from Thokozani Mthoko Deajay Latha “DJ”, a graduate from Sail Africa in Durban, who is part of the 39-strong crew on board the tall ship Lord Nelson sailing from Durban to Kochi, India. DJ's participation in the Norton Rose Sail the World Challenge has been supported by UK charity, the Jubilee Sailing Trust (www.jst.org.uk):


How have the first days been for you on board Lord Nelson?

"My first days here on Lord Nelson were extremely awesome. I've had a lot to learn and also some to teach." 

What have you been doing?
"On Lord Nelson I have been doing a lot, from bracing the yards to setting sails, from washing dishes and cleaning to helming the ship, from learning how to play a guitar to washing my clothes, so I have been quite busy." 

What is the weather like/have you seen any marine life?
"The weather has been awesome. It's just today where it seems grumpy, and as for the marine life, we haven't seen anything but maybe its because we are too fast for them." 

What was it like being on board Lord Nelson for the departure from Durban last Sunday?
"I was happy and sad at the same time - happy because I was going to experience new places and sad to leave people who love me behind."

How did you feel when you saw your mum on the media boat to wave you off on your adventure?
"I was very happy, I nearly cried - it was a blessing." 

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